Free aircraft plans

If you want to build an aircraft JOIN EAA and any discussion groups or forums you can find with information relevant to your plan of choice. I have scoured the web for plans that are freely available and collected them here. I am trying to limit the collection to plans for which there are flying examples.

Simply join the Yahoo groups and download all the plans you want. LOTS of flying examples and an active builders community. Volksplane VP2. Cri Cri Worlds smallest twin! Woodhopper All-wood Ultralight. Demoiselle Santos Dumont Perfectly Viable today. The Carbon Dragon Pfeifer Sport. Jodel D Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Can anyone contribute an building video or tutorial or imagesfor help and list of materials requiredplease do contribute.

I first saw the inflatoplane on a 's newsreel, and built my own inflatable glider that fitted inside a suitcase,Built for extra slow speed, wing span 24 feet,wing fuselage 8. I am trying with no success to locate plans for a Hawker Hunter, any help will be gratefully received, intention is to build a turbine powered version of around 6ft span.

Wow you have some very outstanding and amazing aircraft designs here. Awesome post iv been around aircraft myself and am very impressed with your page. It makes me think they were destroyed in their fire. Any other available options? Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.The aircraft often require more individual components and complex construction, but they result in more realistic scale models. A few more basic plans, such as simple foamies, might be included in some of these collections. First-time builders may want to try these less complex, easy-build airplane plans.

There are dozens of model plans here, listed in alphabetical order. As you pass your mouse over each link, a thumbnail image will pop up, showing you either a rendering of the plan or of the finished plane. Some have photos of the completed craft. These plans are in dwg. There are dozens of plans available on this site, most all in downloadable PDF format.

Some are for entire planes, others for RC aircraft components. You need to be a logged-in member to download the plans, but that's quick, easy, and free to do. And it's worth it. You can also order some 3-D printed kits as well. Enthusiasts will love how easy it is to find what they're looking for at this site.

Just plug in your parameters—which include dimension, engine, model, control style, format, and even the name of the craft—and then download your pick. There are over hundred plans for RC craft alone, from micro to full-sized. Whether you want to fly a plane or control a boat on the water, this page has dozens of downloadable plans for building your own radio-controlled vehicle.

free aircraft plans

This page features dozens of plans, all by name and alphabetized, and all free for the picking. Plans come from a variety of authors and may vary greatly in detail and quality, so take some time to click through until you find what you want.

These five RC airplane plans are all by the Willingtons website's owner and author, Craig Tarlington, and are offered in PDF format see the "My Plans" link in the sidebar if not taken directly to page.

Plans are for a Pilen II. By Michael James.For a little of nothing, you can find some quite detailed Warbird RC airplane plans here. You'll find plenty selection for building your favorite WWII fighter.

However, if you're strictly looking for free RC airplane plans, you will find plenty on the sites listed below. Most of the free model airplane plans on this page are in DWG format. This site gives you a nice preview of the plans when you mouse-over of the file name without having to download them to see what they are.

Svensons Free Model Airplane Plans has plenty of airplanes to choose from! Many of these free RC airplane plans are accompanied by a photo of the finished product.

Most of these plans are image files that can be opened with most computers without having to download special software. There are no preview thumbnails available like most of the other pages, but there are some real gems on this site if you have to time to sort through them.

Many of the free model airplane plans listed in the sites below were originally designed for free flight or rubber power. Although some of the plans below are actually designed for RC airplanes. Will a little creativity you may be able to turn one of these little guys into a fully functional 4 channel RC airplane! If you're looking to build yourself a hand launched glider from plans, you may want to check this site out.

F4B Scale Magic has free model airplane plans for several hand launched gliders. Bradley has taken the time to produce some very nice free model airplane plans in PDF format. Most of these are smaller free-flight airplanes, but there are some free RC airplane plans as well.

Wood Homebuilt Aircraft Plans

Check out these plans for an actual radio controlled version of the Star Trek Starship Enterprise! Paul provides detailed assembly instructions along with pictures of the finished bird with each plan. Didn't find what you want at the above sites? Don't fret. You can find plans for nearly any type of airplane on eBay, and usually for a very reasonable price.Do you visit air shows?

free aircraft plans

I'd love to go visit some but we don't have many of them going here. And on the few we have there aren't many interesting aircraft to see.

Lucky are those who live close to the cities where the biggest airshows happen. Of course the most interesting stuff to see there are the experimental homebuilt airplanes. A lot of amazing models that barely get any mention online are being shown there.

Fortunately there are good guys who take pictures from the shows and publish them. I researched for the latest and most interesting homebuild aircraft that have been demonstrated recently. I went further and researched where you can buy kits or plans for these vehicles so you can build some yourself.

So here you go, you don't have to visit these airshows. There's a lot of great stuff to see right here, below:. This is a truly cool wood airplane with simple construction. It's one of the most popular choices of the homebuilders because of its simplicity. VP-1 is a single seater but there is also VP-2 which is a double seater. Maximum speed: mph. You can buy plans from this site and hopefully build this aircraft yourself. RV-8 looks great and I guess it flies great too.

With its 21ft length it's a bit bugger than VP-1 and much faster. Some modifications can top a speed of mph. There are many quick-build kits for this aircraft containing all the aluminum parts and engine. There are cheaper and more expensive modifications of this lovely airplane. Better check the prices and all the info on the official site. Here's something different - a canard aircraft.

Too bad you can no longer find new plans for this one, and kits have never been offered. You could possibly find used plans and buy some parts for the Long-ez which is a modification of the VariEze. If you are interested to learn more about the canard airplanes in general, check out this forum.


Breezy aircraft is not a new model at all - it has been created in The kit would have been all the metal work and the fabric to cover the wings and tail. During my visit to that biggest airshow in the world, i saw that i needed to start working on another project. I abandoned the idea of making BirdGlider kits. Too good to not be available to the man of the street. And then it hit me. Why not do like Henri Mignet the person that started the homebuilding movement in ?

After the passing of Pierre Mignet son of Henri Mignet it was very unsure what would happen to the Mignet designs. Alain Mignet took the noble decision to place all the plans on the internet That way it is sure that the work of the Mignet family would not go to waste. The Mignet family was my inspiration to begin with the BirdGlider. I saw the need for a airplane for the man of the street, like they did in 's.

With this knowledge it became very easy for me to decide i would safe this glider for the man of the street by placing it on the internet. The BirdGlider comes to you now. Use it to become airborne. Use it to realise your dream of flight Guys, i want to be generous to you.

That is why i need to place some rules before you get access to the plans. Rule 1 This is a non-certified, non-tested airplane. Build the BirdGlider using the plans at own risk. If you think i don't trust the BirdGlider, invite me when you finished the BirdGlider, like it is on plans.

I will test-fly the first made glider gladly. Do it after learning about steering, weather, gliding, local aviation rules. And that will not even prevent you getting hurt. Every pilot knows a pilot who is no longer there, who is disabled or who stopped out of fear or old wounds.

I say it again Rule 2 The plans may only be used for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed. Not even selling printed plans. If you see somebody not behaving to this rule, tell me, give me his identity. The person will have to take the consequences of his deeds. I can be noble, but You are warned. Rule 3 You are not allowed to use the name BirdGlider if you altered the design. If i agree to your changes, you may use the name BirdGlider.Browse through the plans featured in Model Aviation.

Build the SkySpringer Keep it simple with this fun project by Clark Salisbury clarksalisbury hotmail. The Fidget is ready for flight with a rare, Orbit threechannel transmitter converted to 2. Click the button below to purchase this plan. Your transaction will be processed securely with PayPal.

This Month's Issue. Model Aviation Vol. Know more about your batteries Spektrum Smart Technology A quality radio at a reasonable price. Digital Edition. Skip to main content. Search form Search.

F1D Indoor Free Flight - Flite Test

Read more about SkySpringer 10 comments Add new comment. Styrofoam Constellation. Read more about Styrofoam Constellation 1 comment Add new comment. Read more about Turn-E-Cat Add new comment. Galloping Ghost Fidget The Fidget is ready for flight with a rare, Orbit threechannel transmitter converted to 2. Read more about Galloping Ghost Fidget Add new comment. Read more about Curtiss Helldiver 4 comments Add new comment. Read more about e-Dirty Birdy Twin 6 comments Add new comment.

Read more about Fighter Face-Off 8 comments Add new comment.Total plans: 12, Outerzone is For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since No need to login, just grab and go. Thanks to you all, there are now 12, plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going.

Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us! Here are the 12 newest plan uploads. For more, see the Browse Plans pages. Model Photo Gallery This is a random selection of just 4 of the photos you sent us. Click here to see the full Gallery.

Free Intermediate and Advanced RC Airplane Plans

Hello Hugo! My brother Santiago was a crew member of Iberia and he used to fly to Buenos Aires for several decades and on different planes, DC10, Jumbo and Airbus. I don't know if he got the sticker there or if he was also a member This is from a set of original drawings with additional information from your oz plan.

Ohlsson Here's a picture [pics ,] of my version of that plane! No - I never got the wind shields in place but it's still flying! Thanks for all the hard work on the web site.

free aircraft plans

Thank you Steve and Mary for this site. Next go to OZ for new plans, photos, and comments.

free aircraft plans

Please find Here is my version of the Gymnast [pic ]. Electric motor, arrow shafts for fuselage, beefed up wing for outdoor flying, love it except the mounting of the pylon. If I built another, I would make the 2 center ribs ply and moved in to This is an interesting glider and I have been following it since it first appeared on Outerzone. Thanks to those who supplied the plans and additional information!

Google translate tells me the Hast means Have in English, so not the most Hi Stefen, and enjoy your trip through a delightfull hobby! These plans look simple because the model is simple, and flies better for being simple. When you remove simplicity you are adding weight, which is something you don't need

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